Why use Paradox Productions?

- Professionally designed and immersive 2nd and 3rd generation games.

Trailers are custom-built to our specifications for escape rooms, including ceiling and door height as well as quieter HVAC systems.

- Economical modular room and trailer construction saves you money.

Reduce construction costs, avoid the stress of building code compliance, and switch out new rooms more easily

- Smart Props & Control Systems.

Wired and wireless smart props that are easy to configure and maintain.

Take your escape room business to
the next level


Houdini's challenge

Magic is in the air as you help Houdini save his book of secrets from his nemesis! Based in 1910. 30 and 60 minute option available.

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The Mine

Miners are trapped in a mine and you must save them. Hurry! They are running out of oxygen! 30 minute high through-put, self-resetting game.

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Spy Catcher

Hackers have breached computer systems in both the US and Russia. As a stand alone game or head-to-head gameplay, it’s great for competing teams.

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Saving Carrie

A chilling story unfolds before your eyes as video links appear in real time when you break into the suspected kidnapper’s house to save your friend.

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We partnered with InDestRoom and will provide modular room or trailer build-out of their games, as well.

(844) 874-4487

Why purchase a mobile trailer or modular room?

Revolving Investment!

When you are ready for a new room, you have an asset that can be sold to escape room owners in other markets. Reselling it generates a hefty down payment on a new game, without dipping into your profits for the full cost of another mobile escape room.

Financing Available!

Work with our lending partners to expedite getting in business faster! Financing as an equipment lease can also be used as a tax deduction.

Reduce risk and cost of operations!

Trailers have fewer regulations to comply with and you can avoid long-term facility leases. Modular rooms may qualify as temporary partitions with fewer code restrictions, which can allow you to get open quicker, cheaper, and change rooms more frequently.


Locks were cool and hidden doors still have a wow factor, but the time is quickly approaching where customers will expect more. At Paradox Productions we are creating a new platform of smart props to make your games more interactive and immersive. Many of these will also be wireless and have web page configurable user settings designed with non-technical users in mind. These next generation smart props will be able to talk to each other and your room control software or timer system.

We also have standard props you can use right off the shelf with various options and themes to fit a wide variety of escape rooms.

For the do-it-yourself crowd we even have electronic core components that you can purchase to integrate into your own props. Or if you have a prop idea and need help building it - we also can provide fully customized prop development.

Paradox Hub is our upcoming room automation control hardware that can integrate our prop platform with your room control software.

Available Props

  • Enigma Machine – Starting at $795
  • Bomb Props – Starting at $495
  • Sensor Maps – Starting at $795
  • Mission Clock – Starting at $595
  • Basic Room Timer – Starting at $495
  • Breaker Box – Starting at $495
  • Keypad and Exit Light – Starting at $395
  • Nixie Tube Room Timer – Starting at $595
  • RGBWUv 2x4 “Fluorescent” Troffer – Starting at $295
  • Transparent Tile Puzzle – Starting at $395
  • Preprogrammed Sounders – Starting at $39
  • Talking Picture / Magic Mirror – Starting at $895
  • Animation Services – Price per Quote

Why buy from Paradox Productions?

  • We work with you to get what you need. Kits, modular walls, or trailers, we make it easy for you!
  • Plug and Play electronics are easy to set up and swap out. Minimal, if any, wiring is needed. If something breaks, which doesn’t happen often, you just plug in the back up electronics and you won’t experience any down time.
  • Most props have both wired and wireless options, complete with charging ports.
  • Our games are fun, challenging, and non-linear. Established game play has been tested and continues to be refined by customers and players.